4 Little Girls: Moving Potraits of the American Civil Rights Movement

4 Little Girls films deepen the audiences' understanding of the American Civil Rights Movement by using the universal languages of photography, song and dance to depict stories from the past. An extensive education component helps children and adults enjoy exploring history together through the use of objects from a vast collection of expressive poster samples from the Civil Rights Movement, lessons on two important social issues, and engaging hands-on activities.



Music by Sweet Honey in the Rock


Moving Portraits

"Any Given Sunday" (7:38) - Completed

Sunday, September 15th, 1963,  4 Little Girls lost their lives when

their church was bombed by members of the Ku Klux Klan.

Shot at Grace Episcopal Church by Safety Third Productions. 


"Marching for Freedom" (8:25) - Completed

A look at American Civil Rights protests with an emphasis on students protests, protest signs and changing the world by making peaceful, clear and convincing statements. Shot at Rufus King Park by Safety Third Productions.

"HATE" (6:37) - Completed

Delivers an intimate testimonial about the counter movements that existed to stop the progression of the American Civil Rights movements including reverence to the lives lost  and the powerful eulogies inspired by tragic race crimes.

"The Flight of Angels" (6:30) - Completed

Featuring Reverend Daughtry, a transition celebration dedicated to the civilians and leaders who lost their lives fighting for the rights and freedom of others. Shot at The House of the Lord Church in Brooklyn by Recsquad Productions.

"A Letter from Birmingham Jail" - 2020 WORLD PREMIERE 2/9 @MoMi

Portrays the impact of the American criminal and civil justice systems and mass incarceration of the American Civil Rights Movement and its participants. 

"I Have a Dream" - In Development 

Captures the impact and meaning of Dr. Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "I Have a Dream Speech. Shot at The National Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial by Recsquad Productions. 

"Birmingham Sunday" - In Development

An ode to songs of the Civil Rights era portraying the innocence and exhaustion of defenders of civil rights both black and white.

"Mass Participation - Too Slow" - Completed, Coming Soon!

Defenders of civil rights begin to lose patience and become frustrated with the slow pace of the movement's progression.

"Breathe" - In Development

A message of racial and mass unification.




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