presented by A Better Jamaica, the Afrikan Poetry Theatre and JCAL through funding from the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs with awards made by Adrienne Adams (CD28), Daneek Miller (CD27), and Donovan Richards (CD31).

Prior to filming, the young cast members spend time with historians, exploring the American Civil Rights Movement through historical text, realistic and historical fiction, maps, film, photography, song, poetry and the Fine Arts.  Students utilize historical evidence to develop an understanding of the era and how it relates to the civil rights movements of today.


Students are also introduced to: 

  • SONG and POETRY of the American civil Rights era;

  • PHOTOGRAPHY as a communication medium;

  • SILENT FILM and movement as a silent dialogue;

  • STORYTELLING transmitted through muted gestures, mime and title cards;

  • the basics of FILM PRODUCTION;

  • making a statement with VISUAL ART (expressive posters and banners); and

  • DANCE as a expressive form.

Students use what they learn to assist in the development of story boards and dance motifs.

Teaching artists and historians are provided by the Edge School of the Arts, Cultural Collaborative Jamaica, the Black Spectrum Theater and the Jamaica Is . . . Arts Alliance.